Where Friendships are Hatched.


Store Front

The Chicken Coop was hatched on February 14, 1995. With a love for quilting, sewing and crafts, I decided to open a store where I could share this passion with others. I created the ideal job for myself. This enables me to meet many interesting people, run a store and quilt.

The Coop is unique in the fact that it is run by one chick and one old hen and a couple of roosters. My mom at 75 is still continually helping with day to day tasks. Special thanks to my son Danny and husband Ron who keep everything behind the scenes running smoothly.

The beautiful painting on the outside of the building, painted by Robyn Trick is first to catch your eye. Once inside the store you will find a huge selection of our feathered friends as well as many other unique gift items. Upon request our Coop rooster will give you a warm welcome.

The next room provides a sea of color, a delight for all quilters. With over 1600 bolts of quality cottons, books, notions and patterns there is something for everyone. Many of our quilting kits are unique to the Coop. Patterns are designed by local quilt artist Diane Johnston. We offer quilting classes spring and fall for all skill levels. Class sizes are small and fun.

I truly enjoy working with new quilters, helping them plan projects. I also provide a custom long arm quilting service. So if you have quilt tops that need quilting give me a call.

I believe that people feel very relaxed and comfortable at my store with the atmosphere that is provided. My mission is to share my knowledge and help as many people as I can learn to quilt. Owning a store has always been one of my dreams. This store has made my dream come true.

                                                                                            - Valerie Retzlaff